Auxiliares de conversación

Our Language Assistants

We are so happy to have Kathleen and Christian with us during this school year. Both of them are from USA.

Alcázar de la Puerta De Sevilla

This is one of the most important monuments, seen at night. It is called Fortress of Puerta de Sevilla and it was mainly built and/or restored by Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims.

According to the number of bilingual students, our school has two language assistants per school year. In many occasions, and due to the fact that we are only 30 kilometres from Seville, most of them decide to stay in Sevilla and come to school by bus. There’s a bus running every hour, more or less. However, those who want to be more in contact with our local customs, love quiet places and slow life decide to stay at Carmona. The town is an important historical place with remains that date back to five thousand years, being Romans and Muslims civilizations two of the most relevant for the city. No doubts, if you like history and slow life, you’ll enjoy living with us.

If you are interested in applying for next year and would like to know more about our center, location or any further detail, you need to check the file attached with some helpful information. In case you miss any further information, do not hesitate to contact us on:

Ficha informativa para Auxiliares de Conversación

In order to make an overall idea of the town and facilities you may find, visit the official website of the tourist office of Carmona:

Carmona Tourist Office